About the WFA


The Western Finance Association was founded in 1965.  In 2015, in Seattle, Washington, we held our 50th conference and annual meeting.  We are a professional society for academicians and practitioners with a scholarly interest in the development and application of research in finance.

Our purpose is:

  1. to serve as a focal point for communication among members,
  2. to improve teaching and scholarship, and
  3. to provide for the dissemination of information, including the holding of meetings and the support of publications.

The Association is an international organization with membership open to individuals from both the academic and professional community, and to institutions. Two classes of membership are available: lifetime membership ($150.00) and three-year membership ($50.00). Members of the Association are entitled to receive a reduction in the registration fee at the annual meetings.

WFA Constitution

WFA Bylaws

Membership / join the WFA

3-year Membership


 You do not need to be a member to submit a paper or attend the conference.  But the membership does includes $50 discount on your conference registration each year.

Lifetime Membership


 You do not need to be a member to submit a paper or attend the conference.  But the membership does includes $50 discount on your conference registration each year.

You can also join or update your membership when registering for the conference.  See: Conference Registration

Officers and Directors 2017-18:

President: Jiang Wang, MIT
Program Chair and President-Elect: Ingrid Werner, Ohio State University
Vice-President: Andrew Karolyi, Cornell University
Vice-President-Elect: Toni Whited, University of Michigan
Secretary-Treasurer: Bryan Routledge, Carnegie Mellon University
Directors ~

Nicolae Garleanu, University of California at Berkeley

Itay Goldstein, University of Pennsylvania 

John Griffin, University of Texas at Austin

Burton Hollifield, Carnegie Mellon University

Hanno Lustig, Stanford University

Annette Vissing-Jorgensen, University of California- Berkeley


Past Presidents of the Western Finance Association

2016-17 Lubos Pastor University of Chicago
2015-16 Laura Starks University of Texas at Austin
2014-15 Josef Zechner WU Vienna University of Economics and Business
2013-14 John Graham Duke University
2012-13 Michael Fishman Northwestern University
2011-12 Francis Longstaff University of California Los Angeles
2010-11 Peter DeMarzo Stanford University
2009-10 William Goetzmann Yale University
2008-09 Artur Raviv Northwestern University
2007-08 Campbell Harvey Duke University
2006-07 Sheridan Titman University of Texas, Austin
2005-06 Mark Grinblatt University of California Los Angeles
2004-05 Ravi Jagannathan Northwestern University
2003-04 René Stulz Ohio State University
2002-03 Phil Dybvig Washington University
2001-02 Douglas Diamond University of Chicago
2000-01 Wayne Ferson University of Washington
1999-00 Richard Green Carnegie Mellon University
1998-99 Franklin Allen University of Pennsylvania
1997-98 Maureen O’Hara Cornell University
1996-97 Michael Brennan UCLA
1995-96 Chester Spatt Carnegie Mellon University
1994-95 Milton Harris University of Chicago
1993-94 Kenneth J. Singleton Stanford University
1992-93 Hans R. Stoll Vanderbilt University
1991-92 Stephen J. Brown New York University
1990-91 Eduardo Schwartz UCLA
1989-90 Lemma Senbet University of Maryland
1988-89 Alan Hess University of Washington
1987-88 Robert Litzenberger University of Pennsylvania
1986-87 Gerald Bierwag University of Arizona
1985-86 Alan Kraus University of British Columbia
1984-85 Seha Tinic University of Texas at Austin
1983-84 Nils Hakansson UC Berkeley
1982-83 Edward Dyl University of Wyoming
1981-82 James Van Horne Stanford University
1980-81 Charles D’Ambrosio University of Washington
1979-80 Donald Farrar University of Utah
1978-79 Guilford Babcock University of Southern California
1977-78 David Pyle UC Berkeley
1976-77 A. Blaine Huntsman University of Utah
1975-76 John Herzog Simon Fraser University
1974-75 George Kaufman University of Oregon
1973-74 James Wert University of Arizona
1972-73 David Eiteman UCLA
1971-72 W. Scott Bauman University of Oregon
1970-71 Harold Stevenson Arizona State University
1969-70 Lester B. Strickler Oregon State University
1968-69 Burton Kolb University of Colorado
1967-68 Robert Carr Fresno State College
1966-67 Edward Reed University of Oregon
1965-66 Kenneth L. Trefftzs University of Southern California